Finding Where You Belong

The Buying Process

Initial Consultation & Pre-Approval

  • The first step is to schedule a consultation with Annie. Together, we will either sit down at a local coffee shop, at one of METIS’ co-working spaces, talk over the phone, or jump on a virtual meeting. It is important for us to get to know each other as this is often one of the most important chapters of my client’s lives. Then we will discuss the lifestyle you wish to achieve with your new home, wants/needs, and go from there. If you are not pre-approved I can introduce you to one of my preferred lenders, and also explain why a trusted lender is important in this process.

Let’s go Shopping!

  • Once we know your budget and have outlined some potential neighborhoods it is my job to find that property that will feel like home right as we walk into it. When you have that feeling, you will understand what the ‘perfect home’ feels like and from here we move onto submitting an offer

Draft a Winning

  • This is a bit more than writing a number and submitting it. I will review all the disclosures, ensure the title is clean, and discuss all of the ups and downs of the property in question. I can also obtain quotes for post-purchase work from my trusted vendors, and arrange for further reports, inspections and work orders. Most importantly I will keep an open dialogue with the listing agent and ensure we do not waste time writing wasted offers.

The Long Wait

  • Now that the offer is accepted we move into the longest part of the process. It may seem like there is a lot of waiting during the escrow process, but this is where every one finally gets to work and is making sure documents are procured, signed and approved within tight time frames. I play the role of the project manager and ensure that the time table is met, and if not, procure solutions or options to ensure that we fund on time and meet the schedule we previously agreed upon in the offer. When it is all done and over with I get to present you the keys and welcome you to your new home!

Say Hello

Clients praise Annie for her outgoing nature, transparency, honesty, and insight into the real estate landscape. She is committed to go above and beyond her clients' expectations with their best interests in mind.
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