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Andrew W.

Last year, I asked Metis Real Estate to handle a complex project: sell my bachelor pad condo and upgrade to a larger condo for my wife and me, both in San Francisco. Annie took the challenge and stepped up to the plate. Right away Annie and her team gave us guidance and were transparent about the process. She was honest and communicative. Unexpectedly, the real estate market had a slight down turn. But Annie somehow presented us with an offer at my lofty asking price! Even better, less than two weeks later, our offer for a new condo was accepted at less than asking! She juggled both selling and buying simultaneously, while going between the seller, the buyer, our mortgage lender, and us seamlessly. I don't know how she managed to handle everything so smoothly. Throughout the whole process, she was calm, responsive, and had a can-do attitude. How many agents out there say they installed a water pan under a stacked washer/dryer unit on their own? Ultimately, the results speak for themselves: I sold my condo at my asking price. We purchased our dream home. My wife and I are still married after this journey. When it comes time to look for our next home, Annie and Metis would be my first and only call.

Creasy Q.

I still cannot believe it only took two months​ for Annie to help me find my dream house. She is one of the most considerate​ and candid people​ I've met. We formed a good rhythm of finding candidate houses from the first day both of us went through listings and shared thoughts about potential good choices. She went to ​​open houses with me and evaluated the pros and cons of each place. These conversations helped me a lot to have a clearer picture in my mind about the merits that I cherished most for my future home. I cannot stress enough how I appreciate her candid and hardworking, especially during submitting the offer and​ negotiating the deal. Her professional opinions and suggestions helped me navigate through the most challenging but surprisingly ephemeral period of ironing out the final contract with both the bank and the sellers. I'd never know how she successfully managed so many moving pieces. In sum, I wholehearted recommend her to anyone who wants to find a dream home.​

Wallace C.

20% of new agents make it in this industry, and that is being generous. Annie's work ethic was all she needed to sell us on her eventual success. Annie is deeply committed to her profession as a real estate consultant, and she brings this commitment over to the service expectations of her clients. With over $10M in production in the past half year, she has adopted a style that I find only in more experienced agents. She is frank with her clients, sets expectations early and as a result has typically shortened the length of time for her house hunting clients, and knocked sales out of the park for her sellers. We're proud to call Annie a team member at Metis, and there is no question if you are considering having Annie be your agent you're making the right call.

Rohan K.

As a first-time (and solo) homebuyer, it was extremely helpful to have Annie around when viewing houses. She had a good eye for things around the place of interest and great at asking questions that I would have never thought of. After a couple of initial viewings, she recognized quickly what my "style" was and the kind of place that would be most attractive to me, therefore appropriately filtering down the list of viewings. Annie invested a considerable amount of her time driving me to not only the viewings but also around the surrounding neighborhoods which was really helpful in making a holistic decision. I really enjoyed working with her and we stay friends to this day, long after the close of the sale!

Sarah R.

When my fiancé and I first connected with Annie, we were brand new to the home buying process. She gave us solid advice right away, helping us prepare for a fast-moving market, narrow down what was important to us, and set realistic expectations for our search. With her help, we were able to get our first offer accepted and after some negotiation, nail down a lower price than expected! Throughout the process, including many high-pressure situations, Annie was responsive, honest, and personable. She answered our countless questions patiently and went above and beyond to support us, all the way to move-in day and beyond. We owe Annie a huge thanks, and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Eun S.

My friend referred me to Annie at the beginning of 2020 to hunt for a condo here in Downtown/Uptown Oakland. Annie knows this area very well, and she gave me the ins and outs of each building which had listings. I'm a first-time homebuyer, and Annie was very patient with my questions while walking me through the process. I finally found a listing that I wanted to bid on, and Annie got a bid together that day while arranging meetings with potential lenders. We went into contract very quickly and closed just recently! I owe Annie a huge thanks for making this as seamless as possible, and I know she can do the same for you in a competitive environment.

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Clients praise Annie for her outgoing nature, transparency, honesty, and insight into the real estate landscape. She is committed to go above and beyond her clients' expectations with their best interests in mind.
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